PDF3D in PowerPoint

PDF3D in PowerPoint

Interactive 3D PDFs for PowerPoint

Our free PowerPoint plugin enables you to embed interactive, animated 3D PDFs into your presentation in one click.  Give your users the full 3D experience without having to leave your slides, with multiple views and playback animation.

  • W10-Compatible_LogoImageSimple set-up – plug in and go
  • Show Audience Live 3D Inside your Presentation
  • Pack PDFs inside PowerPoint file for convenience
  • Windows 10, Office 2016 ready
  • Completely free


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Product and System Description for PDF3D in PowerPoint

PDF3D in PowerPoint Our FREE PDF3D PowerPoint® Plugin enables you to view a 3D PDF file right inside the slide and interact with the image using the 3D rotation. No coding, scripting, or complex setup is required, and it will work with any 3D PDF. Take a look at our Getting Started with PDF3D in PowerPoint video.

3D Models with Animation Easy Ribbon Bar Buttons Add into Multiple Slides

How to use
The PDF3D in PowerPoint is a PowerPoint® menu add-on, so once installed you will see PDF3D on the toolbar. It’s that simple. By selecting options on the easy plugin wizard, the 3D PDF is linked so it will show within a region of your slide. The PPT and PDF will be in the same folder. You should already have the Adobe® Reader or Acrobat® installed, and PowerPoint® 2010 or above.

Video Demo