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3D PDF Panoramic 360 Views for Architects

Whilst we’ve worked with architects for some years helping to covert 3D CAD models into 3D PDF, the area of 3D PDF panoramic 360 photography is a relatively new one but one that is gaining ground in architectural circles.

Panoramic 360 walk-throughs have been around for a while with many methods available, but the delivery is always the same – it’s always over the web.  The file sizes of 360s are typically very large too, which frequently affects the experience, dependent on the online connection being used.

Converting 360 panoramas into 3D PDF

Converting these panoramic views into PDF makes sense, not only from a viewing perspective but also with regards to compression, storage and flexibility of use too.

PDF3D Reportgen conversion software allows architects and architectural photographers to turn their panoramic images and photos into fully interactive, 3D PDFs that can be embedded into documents such as PowerPoint, or kept as a PDF, to be viewed anytime, offline, by anyone with the free Adobe reader.

The beauty of converting 360 photos into 3D PDF is how interactive the image becomes for the recipient.  With full zoom and rotation, the viewer can full explore the image from every angle and magnification, taking advantage of the full depth of field captured by the photographer.  Alternatively, they can sit back and watch the panorama play out, pausing and rewinding if they wish.

A useful tool in architectural design

Of course, it’s not just panoramic photography that can be converted into 3D PDF.  Architects working with CAD drawings can take advantage of the same technology to convert a variety of 3D modelling formats, such as those created in DEEPINTERFACE, into interactive 3D PDFs at the touch of a button.  Textures, surface and render quality is retained despite the file size being compressed to a level that can be easily emailed, saved and embedded into presentations and brochures – all of which can also be viewed offline without losing the features of animation and interactivity.

PDF is now one of the most universally accessible formats available in the world today.  Almost everyone with a computer is able to view PDFs without thinking about it.  It’s become an automatic function for most people.

3D PDF conversion opens up many opportunities for architects, designers, engineers and photographers to present and share information in a way that engages and communicates on a whole new level.

Read more about how easy PDF3D ReportGen is to use, or take a look at a 3D PDF 360 photo conversion.

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