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Making Life Easier For Those Who Work With 3D Data

We’ve always had a clear aim at PDF3D and that is to make life easier for those who work with highly technical, complex, 2D and 3D data.  Everything we develop has communication, collaboration and workflow at its heart.

PDF3D has led the way in 3D PDF conversion since the technology was still in its infancy and our development team has continued to push functionality, design and usability.  The company has secured patents on its technological advancements and sets benchmarks for others to follow in the industry.

Our Directors not only lead the company and encourage innovation, evolution and forward thinking, they are also directly involved in steering the global PDF standard, representing the UK on the International ISO Committee.

Innovation, Achievements, Focused R&D

Our vision has, and always will be, driven by the incredible companies we work with within the scientific, engineering and manufacturing communities, specifically earth sciencegeospatial, mining, metrology and healthcare. From 3D CAD to GIS, DWG and LiDAR, we continue to work closely with users and programmers within the engineering, geospatial, geology, aerospace, architecture, medical and product packaging communities worldwide.

Fast, secure and easy communication of ideas, designs and information is now a necessity for those working in these industries, which is exactly what our developers at PDF3D have delivered. Our customers have come to us for solutions to complex problems, which has resulted in the development of tools that really work, in as few steps as possible.

 Founded 2003, UK
 Structure UK Ltd. part of Apryse
 Company No. 4658374
 VAT  Number GB820455649
 DUNS 73-384-8647


For the press

The PDF3D brand is owned by Visual Technology Services, part of Apryse.  The PDF3D suite of products encompasses a widely respected range of software products and plugins that enable engineers, scientists and developers to convert and share their ideas, models, research and data from various files and formats in the universally accessible PDF format.

These tools not only aid in collaboration and communication but also create sophisticated presentations of large, complex data files in a fully interactive, animated and annotated 3D PDFs.

The end user tools and developer toolkits require no additional software and are renowned for being amongst the easiest solutions to use, with a superior compression quality that results in excellent detail and high quality images from even the largest files.

PDF3D’s 3D PDFs are packed with rich, industry-specific features, intuitive viewing controls and styling options.

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11th Floor, Two, Snowhill, Birmingham, England, B4 6WR