C4W 3D Dental Image PDF3D

C4W Dental Virtual Simulation in 3D PDF Report

This model is a demonstration example of C4W 3D development and integration using advanced 3D techniques and CAD interfaces. By using the PDF3D-SDK Development Toolkit core generation engine for producing highly compressed 3D PDF reports, C4W are able to provide complete solutions to Dental systems suppliers.

The 3D PDF reporting technology is included with DIGILEA’s DIGISTELL, 3D Dental CAD software for removable partial frameworks, the fruit of a close collaboration between dental technicians and CAD/CAM experts at C4W under the organisation DIGILEA, C4W’s Dental division established in 2007.

This C4W Digilea Dental Report sample model contains two pages. Interactive 3D elements are on the first page, while the second contains static views. On the first page, two linked left-right views show representations of Maxillar and Mandibular initial and simulation of 3D geometry of teeth surfaces, while interactive configuration buttons allow users to select various view configurations. By zoom or rotating one view, the other automatically snaps into the identical position so that clinical reviews can be made more effectively.

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