CAD Tool for Mining Professionals Supports 3D PDF Sequence Publishing

Deswik.CAD integrates features for publishing development sequence animations in 3D PDF

Deswik.CAD has been designed by mining professionals for mining professionals, with integrated 3D PDF publishing. Effectively a spatial database, Deswik.CAD combines the visual power of a modern CAD engine with the efficient data management of a fully featured database, giving you the ability to display, analyze and report project data, based on XML and scripting for repetitive tasks. Deliberately designed to provide generic engineering tools with flexible applications, Deswik.CAD is used and sought after across all mining sectors; underground and open pit mines, both coal and metal, throughout the world. The publishing feature supports 2D and 3D PDF, including publishing technical development sequence animation in 3D. Temporal sequences are played back all within a self-contained single PDF file, without requiring server or internet access.

About Deswik:

Deswik ( ) is a global consulting and technology company that delivers efficiency focused solutions to the mining industry across all sectors – Open Cut Coal, Underground Coal, Open Pit Metals and Underground Metals. With HQ in Brisbane Australia, Deswik has a dozen offices around the world in all major active mineral regions. A dedicated team of mining engineers and software developers provide solutions that deliver measurable value to our clients through our software, consulting and training offerings.

Application Area: Mining, Engineering

Technologies Used: PDF3D-SDK Pro Toolkit