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Visual Technology Services Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

PDF3D® Platform author Visual Technology Services, an independent technical software product and service company based in the United Kingdom is this week celebrating 10 years of successful trading.

London, UK, February 5, 2013 –

Formed in 2003, Visual Technology Services specializes in 3D technical publishing, interactive graphics, novel display techniques, data visualization and geometric data compression, with clients in aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, materials and earth sciences. The principle software platform PDF3D® generates interactive 3D PDF documents following published ISO standards suitable for review and distribution.

“The path from startup to established product company has been both exciting and challenging.” said founder Ian Curington. “The journey has touched on areas of geophysical interpretation, high speed material fracturing, nanotechnology instrumentation, marine environmental simulation, 3D virtual reality, geometric mesh compression, data visualization and PDF rich media. It’s gratifying to see how the company has established both domestic and international export license sales, with intellectual property secured through the growing patent portfolio. We are confident that our business will continue to grow in the coming years as we see continued growing interest in 3D technical publishing, the 3D platforms continue to evolve and we have a strong R&D pipeline of novel solutions. Thank you to the management team, our corporate advisors, the talented technical team and especially our customers.”

Visual Technology Services supplies both application programs and integration software developer toolkits for 3D PDF technical publishing, currently integrated inside many global technical software products. PDF3D makes it practical to distribute interactive 3D documents to everyone with the free Adobe® Reader.

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