Continental Tire R&D extends workflows with custom 3D PDF solution

Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH R&D enhances processes with custom 3D PDF toolkit

Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH is a long-established German automotive tire manufacture. At Continental’s IT Tire R&D Competence Center in Hannover proprietary R&D methods help to maintain the state-of-the-art tire technology. Critical small details within a large CAD model must be efficiently extracted for review, outside of complex and expensive PLM/CAD facilities. In the highly mature advanced tire design process, a regulated, flexible, efficient and repeatable data work flow is very important.

Solution: The R&D Center staff implemented internal software tools to extract critical parts from the PLM assembly and generate 3D PDF captures for design assessment. This allows for both automatic and manual workflows, deployed within the R&D Center for offline documentation and review processes.

Application Area: Manufacturing, Automotive, Engineering

Technologies Used: PDF3D-SDK Pro Toolkit