Convert COMSOL to 3D PDF

Converting COMSOL® Simulation Software Results to 3D PDF

Converting COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software output results into 3D PDF Reports using PV+

Once a suitable analysis result of the design vibration characteristics are performed, the numerical data and geometric mesh may be visualized. Using built-in COMSOL® menus, screen shots and movie files maybe created, for sharing with teams outside of simulation software users. However, to get real 3D interaction in a report the pathways are rare, and this is where 3D PDF adds significant value.

The analysis results from Comsol Multiphysics® simulation software can be published into a standard PDF document, where a fully interactive 3D version of the visualization is captured inside the PDF document. This can be distributed and shared widely, with only the free Adobe Reader needed to open and view it.

Fully interactive, 3D PDF Reports in 7 steps

It takes just 7 simple steps to convert your COMSOL MultiPhysics® analysis software result files into an interactive, fully annotated, colourful 3D report in PDF:

    1. Start by loading a model into simulation software results file in 3D mode.
    2. The project settings show visualization with contour colours, vector arrows of mesh displacement. Save the resulting visualization as mesh and plot files.
    3. Once exported, these are reloaded into PV+, as another visualization application. Once the two files are specified and loaded in the PV+ main 3D window, an extract block filter is used to select the surface elements for contour colour visualization.
    4. The colormap is set to displacement magnitude, and using the colormap editor, you can change the colormap and legend title to your preferred pallet.
    5. The camera background is modified simply by specifying two RGB colours for the top and bottom of the view for a gradient effect.
    6. Using the PDF3D Settings menu, you can set a template report style,

which is referenced with logo, layout and PDF properties.

  1. When you have finished customizing your report, simply export to PDF.

Once the PDF is exported, it can be reviewed by anyone with the free Adobe Reader, without needing access to either PV+. Recipients will be able to zoom, rotate and view the 3d visual from multiple angles easily.

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