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DEEPINTERFACE Architectural Design Interactive Report Integration

The collection of architectural models on the sample gallery from DEEPINTERFACE show very highly polished 3D development and integration using advanced 3D techniques using PDF3D technology for producing highly compressed 3D PDF reports. Supporting commercial clients for architecture, design, marketing and planning, the Vienna based practice is leading the way for both 3D PDF and interactive “Smart3D” web model presentations sensitive to the specific needs of architects.

DEEPINTERFACE is established by very experienced architects and 3D CAD sofware specialists who are also contributing to the promotion of the latest digital BIM format interchange standards and practicies in the industry.

Adopting the rich set of software develoment tools in PDF3D-SDK and XML Server subsystems, DEEPINTERFACE has established a production work-flow for very high quality 3D PDFs, including bespoke document design, interactive menus, and 3D scenes containing various proposed configurations of a design all within a single easy-to-navigate document. The collaboration between DEEPINTERFACE and Visual Technology Systems continues and is expected to bring more ideas and functional features suitable for AEC.

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