PDF3D SDK  2.25.0
Linux Setup Notes

PDF3D-SDK Linux Platform Overview

PDF3D-SDK Linux Platform Overview

The PDF3D-SDK package installation on Linux diverges somewhat from the typical Windows install. Rather than run an installer program, the Linux ports are packaged as TAR-GZ file collections. The .tar.gz package may be unpacked wherever convenient for your development.


CMAKE 2.23, obtained from http://www.cmake.org (required to rebuild or develop with any examples)

Environment Variables:

The following example illustrates typical settings for your environment, such as may be placed in your user .bashrc file. Please note some common confusion points on the environment variables. First, the PDF3D_ROOT should be pointing to the parent directory of PDF3D-SDK, not the directory itself. Second, the LANG variable is not just for personal taste, it controls how fonts are used when generating the PDF file, itmust be set so the document generator can place appropriate fonts in your output. If the LANG requirements are different than you like, then run the PDF3D tools from a sub-shell with different settings. PDF3D uses "fontconfig" for font selections on Linux. If Arial is available (which is of course not always the case on Linux systems) it should always use Arial. If it is not available fontconfig will try to find a best match or guess a font that could be used instead of Arial. It highly depends highly on the available fonts on your system and the fontconfig configuration. PDF3D does NOT use /etc/sysconfig/i18n directly, please use the LANG environment variable instead.

# CMAKE, required for rebuilding any examples supplied, path is wherever you have installed it
export PATH=/home/myname/cmake/bin:$PATH

# PDF3D specific settings
# Note: PDF3D is top level directory, which includes PDF3D-SDK inside. Do not set PDF3D_ROOT to PDF3D-SDK directory.
export PDF3D_ROOT=/home/myname/packages/PDF3D



On some Linux distributions LD_LIBRARY_PATH is not used (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian). In such case, above paths should be added to /etc/ld.so.conf and then executed:

sudo ldconfig

Executable and Library Paths:

The pre-compiled binary programs may be found in $PDF3D_ROOT/PDF3D-SDK/bin/GCC . These executables reference shared libraries found in $PDF3D_ROOT/PDF3D-SDK/lib and $PDF3D_ROOT/PDF3D-SDK/bin/GCC. PATH environment requirement, PATH must always include PDF3D-SDK/bin/GCC/ to allow for runtime .so interface searches.

Rebuilding Examples and Interfaces:
If you have all the environment variables set, CMAKE installed, and gcc compiler, then you can build the supplied examples and interfaces from souce. A full explanation and walk-through if described in the developer manual. A quick guide to the proceedure is as follows:

cd $PDF3D_ROOT/PDF3D-SDK/examples
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..

Note: you should NOT run cmake from the examples directory, only in examples/build. Similarly, if you wish to build interfaces, then the same procedure can be performed in /interfaces/build. An individual interface can also be rebuilt, for instance by running cmake from within the directory PDF3D-SDK/interfaces/STL_Interface/build.


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