Earth Science

PDF3D ReportGenSDK and XML are all equipped with features perfectly suited to those working in civil engineering, surveying, construction, mining and earth science.  With excellent compression, and rich, interactive, full colour presentations, you can communicate your data, drawings, design projects, plans and procedures in full 3D at the click of a button.


Designed to aid collaboration

The beauty of PDF is that pretty much everyone with a computer has the ability to share, open and read the document.  With PDF3D, we’ve taken this even further.  Our tools enable you to send your reports, blueprints, project documentation and drawings to colleagues, ops teams and partners for their reviews within the document.  PDF3D XML enables real time revision, comments and mark-ups allowing you to refine mine plans, speed up Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows, and sign off design projects faster.


Data brought to life with animation

Whether you’re dealing with surfaces, buildings, air, soil, or water, our tools can show every angle, layer, gradient, flow, treatment or response in fully interactive, easily controlled animation.  With zoom, pan, rotate, playback, rewind or pause, you can show exactly how your building, materials, landscape or resources will change or respond to treatments or environments in full colour, at the touch of a button.

Earth Science characteristics

With an extensive library of material textures, land surfaces, and maps, you can drape these ortho images easily over structures and terrains to give your 3D images a more lifelike look for greater impact and context.  The customization features are extensive, enabling you to build on your data with visual enhancements that communicate your findings in a way people easily understand.

High quality compression of large data

Complex 3D designs, survey findings and geophysical data can be difficult to save, store and share due to the sheer size of the files. PDF3D software has been designed to take those large files and compress them without losing the detail you need to convey your data, with all the accuracy and richness of your original drawings, scans and models.


How Others In Earth Science Are Working With PDF3D

To View 3D PDF samples, install the Adobe Reader. Click “Save As…” to save and open the PDF outside the Web browser.