FAQ: PDFTron acquisition of PDF3D

Frequently asked and anticipated questions for PDF3D Customers

Question 1

Who is PDFTron?

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada (with offices in California and the UK) PDFTron is the worldwide leader in document technologies for developers. The company’s flagship SDK platform offers developers, systems integrators and product executives a technology platform that brings PDF, CAD, and MS Office capabilities to any software. The PDFTron platform also includes consumer offerings such as Xodo, which allows more than 18 million users to edit, annotate, sign and share PDFs on desktop, mobile and the web.

To learn more about PDFTron, visit our corporate website www.pdftron.com


Question 2

Why is PDFTron acquiring PDF3D?

PDFTron aims to change the way the world works with documents, and that vision has become even more relevant with the worldwide shift towards working from home and digital document collaboration. For our vision to come true, we believe we must drive change in all major document formats. There is a large and growing need for 3D document processing and collaboration technology, and developing capabilities in this area was on the PDFTron roadmap. Joining forces with PDF3D, we can expedite 3D capabilities for our customers while offering PDF3D customers enhanced access to the full, rich PDFTron platform from a single experienced and trusted provider.

To learn more about the PDFTron platform, please visit:  https://www.pdftron.com/pdf-sdk/


Question 3

What will happen to the PDF3D products that I am licensed for?

There will be no change in the products you currently license. In the long-term, PDF3D products will benefit from the greatly expanded research and development scale PDFTron can bring to bear on advancing the technology more quickly in response to your feedback.


Question 4

What will happen to the team I am used to working with at PDF3D?

There will be no change in the team you are used to working with. PDF3D employees will simply become PDFTron employees, continuing to support you and PDF3D products. Please continue to work with your existing contacts.


Question 5

Where can I learn more about this news?

A press release has been created to share additional information on the acquisition. Find the full text of the announcement here: https://www.pdftron.com/blog/news/pdftron-acquires-pdf3d/.