File Formats

File Formats

The following file formats are available for PDF3D ReportGen, XML Server utilities and the Interface Layer of PDFD-SDK PRO Development Toolkit.  For PV+ see the other alternative File Format list.





CAD Models
1Additive Manufacturing Formatamf3D Printing industry consortium format alternative to STL
2AutoCAD Export DWF FormatdwfAutoCAD Inventor, AutoCAD Mechanical, Visual Representations
3AutoCAD Generic DXF FormatdxfAutoCAD historic versions, Survey, Geophysics, Modelling
4AutoCAD Native DWG FormatdwgAutoCAD Mechanical, Civil, Inventor, Parts, Colours, Widely Used
5Bentley-Intergraph Microstation DGN FormatdgnMicrostation related applications
6IGES 3D Model Interchangeigs, igesIndustry Interoperability Model Exchange, CAD Applications
7Industry Foundation Classes IFCifcBIM, AEC, Subset support, AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, Civil 3D
8Movie.BYU Geometry FormatbyuHistoric FEA Mesh Geometry Interchange
9Polygon File Format StanfordplySurface, Line & Point Open Academic and Research Exchange
10PRC Product Representation Compact FormatprcISO 14739-1 3D Model used in 3D PDF context as interactive view
11STEP AP214 3D Model Interchangestp,stepIndustry Interoperability Model Exchange, PLM, CAD Applications
12Stereolithography ASCII Multi-part File FormatstlaCAD-CAM, 3D Printing, Triangle Mesh Surfaces, Geometry Only
13Stereolithography Binary File FormatstlbCAD-CAM, 3D Printing, Single Triangle Mesh, Geometry Only
14Stereolithography STL File Format w/Colorstl3D Printing, Triangle Geometry, Scanners, CAD, Materialise Magics
15U3D Universal 3D Interchange Formatu3dECMA 363 used in 3D PDF context as interactive view
Analysis Data
16AVS/Express UCD FormatinpAdvanced Visual Systems Proprietary, Unstructured Mesh & Attributes
17COMSOL Simulation Results Formatdat,txt,mphtxtCOMSOL Proprietary Mesh & Result Plot Output Format
18Protein Data Bank Molecular FormatpdbChemistry, Research, Academic, well established database
19VTK PolyData FormatvtpVisualization Toolkit polygon surface data, science, engineering
20VTK Model File FormatvtkVisualization Toolkit mesh, element, multi-attribute 2D & 3D data
Images & Video
21Flash Animations or Movie clipsswfVideo, Movie, Animation, Creative Suite, MacroMedia, Adobe
22Raster Image Filespng,jpg,tif,bmpUniversal standard image file formats, monochrome, color, alpha
23ArcGIS Geospatial Grid FormatascArcGIS Proprietary ASCII Grid Raster Elevation Data
24ESRI ArcGIS Geospatial Vector ShapesshpArcGIS Proprietary ShapeFile for Vector Features, 2D or 3D
25GeoTIFF Geospatial Image and Grid Data Formattif, tiffWell-known TIFF image with additional Geographic coordinates included
26GeoVRML Geospatial Formatwrl, vrmlVRML97 extended to include geographic coordinate systems, ArcScene
27IMAGINE Multi-Channel Image or Elevation GridsimgHexagon Geospatial raster format for image and attribute data
28KML Geospatial Vector FeatureskmlXML based mark-up for geospatial features, ArcGIS, Google Earth
29LAS Well Log (Subset)lasOil industry well log, complex borehole data, simple subset
30LiDAR LAS File Format v1,2,3lasPoint Cloud Industry Interchange Format, Space, Airborne & Terrestrial
31LiDAR LAZ Compressed FormatlazVery good compressed optimization option for LAS data
32Point Cloud Formatscsv,pts,xyz3D points, ASCII, from LiDAR, Laser, point sample systems
33Point Cloud with Color or attributexyzrgb, stzi3D points, ASCII with intensity or full RGB Color per point
34Autodesk ReCAP RCS/RCP point cloud formatrcs,rcp3D points, Binary with optional full RGB Color per point
35e57 Point Cloud formate573D points, Binary optional full RGB Color per point
36PROJ Geographic Projection FormatprojGeographic coordinate mapping data to place corresponding models
37Surfer Grid FormatgrdSurfer from Golden Software Proprietary raster elevation grid data
38Surfer Colormap FormatclrSurfer from Golden Software Proprietary color classification files
39USGS DEM Geospatial Grid File FormatdemElevation grid data for terrains, bathymetry, raster data
40World Geographic Coordinate Filejpw,pgw,tfwGeographic coordinate mapping data to place corresponding images
41ZMapPlus Geospatial Grid Field FormatdatEarth Science Subsurface Horizon Data, ZYCOR, Historic Data Exchange
42IRAP Classic Grid Format IFGRifgrEarth Science Subsurface Horizon Data from IRAP
43Label File Format (x,y,z,label-text) CSVlbl3D coordinate location and label text string in CSV format
3D Graphics
443D GameStudio 3DGS FormatmdlGamestudio Development & Authoring Application for Games
453D GameStudio 3DGS Terrain FormathmpGamestudio Development Application Terrain Landscape Data
463D Studio MAX Format3dsWidely used 3D graphics exchange, 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD, Textures
473ds Max ASE FormataseAutoDesk 3DS Max Proprietary 3D Model Format (subset)
48AC3D Inivis FormatacAC3D Proprietary Model Creation and Editing 3D Format
49ANSYS Workbench Viewer FileavzCAE Visualization results format used by ANSYS Viewer application
50Blender 3D FormatblendBlender CAD Application Design Native 3D Model Format
51BlitzBasic 3D Formatb3bInteractive Game & Scene Environment System
52Collada COLLAborative Design Activity FormatdaeIndustry interchange rich 3D graphics, 3DS Max, Maya, Sketchup, Textures
53Design Workshop DatabasedwAEC DesignWorkshop 3D modeling program for architectural design
54DirectX 3D Model FormatxMicrosoft DirectX Graphics 3D Model Geometry
55DirectX X FormatxMicrosoft DirectX Graphics Generic Data
56Doom 3 Formatmd5Interactive Game Proprietary Scenes
57FBX Graphics FormatfbxAutoDesk binary 3D Graphics Format with optional embedded textures
58Irricht Mesh FormatirrmeshStatic Game Mesh similar to Collada
59Irricht Scene FormatirrInteractive Game Scene Export format
60IVE OpenSceneGraph File FormativeOpenSceneGraph Framework Scene Format, version specific
61Nendo FormatndoProprietary 3D modeling and 3D painting package from IZWare
62LightWave Object FormatlwoLightWave Proprietary 3D Models with Materials, Texture
63LightWave Scene FormatlwsLightWave Proprietary Scenes
64Milkshape 3D Formatms3dShareware low-polygon 3D modeling Application by Mete Ciragan
65Modo FormatlxoProprietary Luxology Game System Scene File
66Neutral File FormatnnfRayTrace Program 3D Polygon Format
67OSG Extendable ASCII FormatosgtOpenSceneGraph Framework Scene Format, open serialization
68OSG Extendable Binary FormatosgbOpenSceneGraph Framework Scene Format, open serialization
69OSG Extendable XML FormatosgxOpenSceneGraph Framework Scene Format, open serialization
70OSG Native FormatosgOpenSceneGraph Framework Scene Format, with Textures
71OSGTGZ Compressed FormatosgtgzOpenSceneGraph Framework Scene Format, open serialization
72Object File FormatoffSimple Surface Polygon Unstructured 3D ASCII format
73Ogre Graphics Engine XML FormatxmlOpen Source Game Rendering Engine 3D Model Format
74OpenFlight FormatfltReal-time Visual Simulation Scenes with Texture
75OpenInventor 2.1 Compressed Formativ.gzIndustry neutral interchange 3D graphics, similar to VRML, Textures
76OpenInventor 2.1 FormativIndustry neutral interchange 3D graphics, similar to VRML, Textures
77PDF Portable Document Format Template or 3DpdfISO-32000 PDF Standard, with 3D Annotations, U3D or PRC
78PovRAY Raw FormatrawTriangular facet 3D geometry POV Ray Tracer
79Quake I FormatmdlInteractive Game Proprietary Scenes, Historic
80Quake II Formatmd2Interactive Game Proprietary Scenes, Historic
81Quake III Map/BSPpk3Interactive Game Proprietary Scenes – maps, textures
82Quake III Mesh Formatmd3Interactive Game Proprietary Scenes, geometry, meshes
83Quick3D Formatq3sProprietary Quick3D File Converter Application Native Format
84Return to Castle Wolfenstein FormatmdcInteractive Game Proprietary 3D Format
85Sense8 WorldToolKit FormatnffHistoric ASCII 3D Format from 1990s
86Starcraft II M3 Formatm3Proprietary Game Application 3D Actor Models
87Terragen Terrain Formatter3D Landscape Terrain Tile Format from Planetside Software
88TrueSpace Formatcob,scnProprietary 3D Graphics Application from Caligary
89Unreal Game Format3dProprietary Game Engine 3D Model Format
90VRML Compressed Formatwrz,vrml.gzVery Widely used 3D graphics exchange VRML97 Standard, v1.0 or 2.0
91VRML Uncompressed Formatwrl,vrmlVery Widely used 3D graphics exchange, ArcScene, Pro/E, Textures
92Valve Model Formatsmd,vtaStudioMDL Proprietary Game Development ASCII 3D Model Format
93VOXLER 2-4, Scene formativVoxler Application from Golden Software 3D Scene Export (SGI version)
94Wavefront Object FormatobjWidely used 3D graphics exchange, 3DS Max, AutoCAD, Maya, Textures
95XGL, ZGL Graphics Formatxgl,zglAveva Plant 3D Scene Export, Inventor, Graphics dump
96X3D Graphics Formatx3deXtensible 3D Graphics Format (XML variant of VRML97)

See release notes for current versions and support. Some formats may be available on limited platforms.