The entire suite of products from PDF3D has been enhanced with features to assist professionals working within geospatial, geophysical, geological and mining environments. Enjoy the animation features and share excellent compression quality of images and point clouds at the click of a button.

Compatible with your systems and data

From geo-mapping to laser scanning, GPS location data and complex modeling, our 3D PDF conversion software and plugins work seamlessly with numerous geographic systems and GIS workflows used by geoscientists the world over.  Watch the Geospatial Ops video.

Extensive visual tools

With various textures, material characteristics and templates available within the software, you can enhance 3D PDF reports further than ever before with IRAP Classic Grid Formats, Landmark ZMap Elevation Grids, layered 2D PDF Geospatial map drawing and geo-referenced ortho-image draping over terrains and structures.  Watch the elevation grid demo in action.

High quality compression of large data

Some point cloud data is so large, such as that generated from LiDAR, that when the individual points are merged together, the image becomes very noisy and difficult to understand. PDF3D tools automatically simplify large geometric files with high quality compression without sacrificing the image quality, enabling you to easily share your data.

Features designed for your industry

Those working with 3D terrain, point cloud data and scans will find a wealth of geo-features including 2D mapping and 3D layers with GPS coordinates, multi-channel imagery and elevations, measurement tools for distance, gradients and geodetic coordinates, and much more.  Read more features.

How Other Geospatial Are Working With PDF3D

To View 3D PDF samples, install the Adobe Reader. Click “Save As…” to save and open the PDF outside the Web browser.