Gravity Geophysical Models of Finland Visualized and Reported with PDF3D

As an example of PDF3D’s use for technical reporting in earth science, geology and geophysics, this case study highlights the work of now retired Seppo Elo, who spent his career as a research geophysicist at the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), a leading European competence centre on assessment and sustainable use of geological resources.

As an active geophysicist, Seppo managed the national regional gravity measurements by the Geological Survey of Finland and developed his own software for processing and modelling the results of gravity measurements. He is also an experienced user of Grablox software developed by Markku Pirttijärvi at Oulu University for modelling  and inversion of gravity and gravity gradients using a 3D voxel model ( see ), and ModelVision software, an advanced general purpose model-based interpretation system for gravity and magnetic fields, developed by Tensor Research (see ModelVision from Tensor Research ).

The idea of geophysical potential field modelling is to take the gravity or magnetic survey data and invert it into geological bodies or full 3D distributions of density or magnetic parameters by applying numerical methods.

Currently, Seppo is also involved in research where multi-frequency electromagnetic measurements and  models are visualized in 3D.

For further review, see the 3D PDFs below: