ISD Group Embeds PDF3D for HiCAD Mechanical Design Publishing

World-leading CAD and PDM vendor ISD Group successfully embeds PDF3D® technology for key 3D model documentation features.

Engineering organizations are benefitting from direct 3D PDF publishing from HiCAD design software, achieving more versatile and immediately communication to extended supply chain teams with the ISD Group’s long-term collaboration with Visual Technology Services to integrate PDF3D. ISD Group’s innovative CAD-Software HiCAD provides powerful state-of-the-art technologies with flexible production and business processes including 3D PDF sharing and collaboration features in mechanical engineering, steel and metal engineering, façade construction, sheet metal processing and plant engineering.

HiCAD offers full 2-D/3-D associativity and industry-specific functions and product data management tools in one system. 3D model assemblies are easily exported and presented in interactive 3D PDF format, enabling a thorough design evaluation by third parties without CAD experience.

Dr. Markus Grunwald, technical director of ISD Group, is delighted by the results of the collaboration. “The modelling export options made possible using PDF3D has taken the industry potential of HiCAD to a new level and it is a real breakthrough for a single system to be so versatile and universally applicable. I am proud to offer a product of such simplicity and power to our industry clients. The high quality 3D PDF generation of HiCAD has definitely left its mark in our market sector.”

About ISD Group

The ISD Group ( ) is a worldwide leading provider of innovative and highly integrated CAD and PDM solutions. The software products HiCAD and HELiOS provide the user with efficient functions, innovative automation tools and a unique flexibility. With over 40 years of experience in the field of engineering, HQ in Dortmund Germany, the company has very strong product development and consulting to after-sales service.