License Request

We have recently made important maintenance and support changes, all customers should read about these changes

Requests for licenses may be submitted via our support desk ticketing system (hosted via our parent company, Apryse).

When making a request for licensing, please make sure to provide:

Product and Platform information

Please select your PDF3D product and provide information on which platform you are using.

Reason for License Request

Perpetual and Annual License purchases are agreed upon in line with the terms set out in the order.

Please specify the reason for your request (e.g. change of machine, request for new additional licenses) in your support submission.

License Key

Please provide as much information on your purchase as possible, including your company name/domain and the names of any points of contact associated with the initial purchase.

If your company/domain names have changed since the purchase of the license, please attach any supplementary information which may help us identify your purchase (e.g. invoices).

This gives the support team valuable information about your account, and account history, to help resolve issues for you as soon as possible.

Activation Codes

Some of our installers facilitate activation through system specific ‘trigger codes’. These will be generated in the PDF3D License utility.