Macro photography 3D VR in PDF

Macro VR Reality Modelling

What you’re looking at here is an actual walnut (not a CGI model) that was photographed, close-up, with a macro digital camera from many angles covering a complete 360° aspect. This shows a 360 close-up macro photo of a reality-modelled walnut using 3D surface reconstruction software, all inside a PDF file.

After the nut was opened using a dremel tool and grinding disk, the walnut was photographed with 2 x DSLR cameras with different macro lenses. The images were then processed using advanced photogrammetry using reconstruction and machine vision algorithms to build a 3D mesh model representation of the walnut.  The end result of this processing is a texture-mapped 3D mesh in OBJ format.

Superior File Compression with PDF Conversion

Using PDF3DReportGen with the MS Office Plugin, the OBJ was processed using texture image subsampling and segmentation, and encoded with PRC highly compressed tessellation, turning it into a rich 3D PDF.

The PDF conversion and consequent compression resulted in a significant reduction in file size, from a 50Mb OBJ+JPG to an 8 Mb PDF, whilst preserving the image quality.  This made it easier for the image to be shared and communicated, boosting engagement in the process.

 The 3D pdf is hugely powerful in not only its usability but its allowing engagement on visuals like I never would have thought!– Chris Harvey, Director, Viewport3


Images and 3D model data files are copyright and used courtesy Viewport3, Scotland.

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Contact: Chris Harvey  – Director at Viewport3