Manufacturing workflows rely on the communication of clear data between all involved in design and production. PDF3D understands how important collaboration is to professionals working in aerospace and manufacturing, and has taken 3D PDF publishing and conversion beyond what you thought was possible.

The Perfect CAD Partner for STEP, STL & DWG

The PDF3D suite of tools has been designed to convert complex information and models from multiple CAD formats, such as STEP, STL and DWG, into 3D PDF with just one click of a button, without the need for any additional software or plugins.  Each PDF3D product and plugin works straight out-of-the-box and will seamlessly integrate with the systems you already use.  See how DWG converts to PDF or how to convert STEP to 3D PDF.

Improved Workflows with Collaboration Logic

With ReportGenSDKPDF3D.IO, and our plugins, you can quickly create, share, amend and share your 3D data in a format everyone can instantly view, markup and comment.  With rich viewing controls and animation within the PDF, users can deeply inspect 3D drawings, products and prototypes, and batch-instantly compare multiple files, drastically speeding up decision times and workflows.

High Compression without Loss of Data

The sophisticated PRC technology intelligently compresses large, complex files without losing critical data or image quality meaning that your drawings and models can be shared in file sizes that can be emailed or uploaded easily.  PDF3D tools do all the hard work in the background, intelligently compressing data without distorting the information you need to communicate to your teams and stakeholders.



Whether you use PDF3D ReportGen, SDK Pro or PDF3D.IO, you’ll have all the features you need, at the click of a button, to convert your data and create rich, animated and interactive 3D PDFs that can be stored, shared, viewed and amended securely and centrally if required.  Learn more about our how our tools are used in your industry.


How Other Manufacturing Are Working With PDF3D

To View 3D PDF samples, install the Adobe Reader. Click “Save As…” to save and open the PDF outside the Web browser.