MineSight 3D Case Study

Hexagon Mining’s, MineSight 3D, Ramps Up Presentation Features with 3D PDF Export from PDF3D

Hexagon Mining provide integrated solutions for exploration, modeling, design, scheduling, and operation.  Within their suite of products is the globally popular MineSight 3D software that allows users to create and manipulate various types of 3D geology and mining data.

The clear, visual communication of survey, scanning and mining data is a critical requirement for those who work in the field, and the latest version of MineSight 3D (MS3D) has added features to tackle that head-on.

One of the new presentation-enhancing features includes 3D PDF export using PDF3D’s world-leading technology.  Using PDF3D’s SDK toolkit, the developers at MS3D integrated the sophisticated, one-click feature with the SDK seamlessly.

“We formally released MS3D v12.0 on March 1, 2017 and it has received some great reviews. With [PDF3D’s] help we were able to quickly develop a solution that to make our customers happy. This fits in line with our goal to give our clients a richer ability to generate presentations,” commented Ian Blumel, MS3D Product Owner at Hexagon Mining.

Users can now convert single or multiple objects to 3D PDF whilst retaining a high level of detail.  But it goes further than converting mining data into the universally-used format of PDF.  The tool also allows users to enhance images with rich terrains, colours, annotations and viewing controls that allow the audience to fully explore, rotate and zoom in on the model from every angle.

The 3D PDF models enable the presenter to take the audience through a fully interactive, immersive walkthrough of a striking image that encapsulates a huge amount of data, plots and points in an easier to understand format.

“The features in MineSight 3D already offered superior modeling visualization, explained Ian Curington, MD at PDF3D.  “From advanced 2D and 3D displays to drill-hole views, 3D stratigraphs, fencing diagrams, geological interpretations and topography, the software gave users the ability to digitize geometry, extrude polygons into solids and attach shapes, drape surfaces and rotate models with ease.  Being able to then convert all of that into the commonly-used PDF format is immensely powerful in that users can then share and present that rich data to a wider audience much more easily.”

The PDF3D SDK toolkit is now one of the most widely used 3D PDF conversion toolkits within the geospatial science and mining industries worldwide due to its excellent integration, usability and support package.

Visit https://www.pdf3d.com/products/pdf3d-sdk/ to learn more.

Using Adobe Reader menus, part visibility and selection, zooming into details help mining engineers to interpret the underground mine plan.