Mira Geoscience find long-term success integrating PDF3D Publishing capability into 3D Mining solution

By integrating PDF3D technical publishing capabilities Mira Geoscience leverages portable PDF documents for interactive 3D earth models.

For over a decade, Mira Geoscience, a leading provider of solutions for the mining industry, has provided clients with creation of 3D PDF documents to communicate complex earth models. Mira Geoscience provides a pathway for viewing models using PDF3D, giving its application users additional enhanced and innovative workflow methods to collaborate among technical partners. The PDF3D extension module to the GOCAD Mining Suite allows text, 2D and 3D geoscience content to be converted and shared in the universally accessible PDF format.

Mira Geoscience clients have the option to receive and view high quality and highly interactive complex 3D earth models via the free Adobe® Reader, with its native interactive 3D viewing facilities. The Adobe publishing platform also supports strong document security; key to the sensitivity of the content surrounding mineral exploration.

“The PDF3D facilities within the GOCAD Mining Suite helps to remove barriers that often exist for collaborating with partners with diverse earth model viewing capabilities” said Dr. John McGaughey, Mira Geoscience founder. “By leveraging PDF3D, our users can consolidate key project content in its various forms including interactive 3D content from the GOCAD-based Common Earth Model into single project PDF document. This clearly improves collaboration, accelerates informed decision making and ultimately saves time and money by enhancing collaboration between technical and non-technical decision makers. This capability proves our long-standing vision of a shared earth model in which numerous technologies are brought together to make 3D spatial data integration an everyday reality for both explorers and miners.”

PDF3D technology enables the publication of documents containing interactive 3D graphics, harnessing the free Adobe® PDF Reader. Users can change viewing angles, scale factors and select visibility on geophysical layers. With integration into Mira Geoscience’s GOCAD Mining Suite, 3D PDF publishing paths are established for subsurface drill holes, grids, surfaces, regions and volumes. As users of mineral exploration and geotechnical data already use Adobe Acrobat® to author technical reports, the addition of 3D content into those reports represents a major enhancement. Application developers such as Mira Geoscience can use the PDF3D SDK for direct integration, avoiding other intermediary file formats or external conversion programs.

About Mira Geoscience

Mira Geoscience (Montreal, Canada, https://mirageoscience.com/) supplies the mineral resource industry with the next major advancement in mineral exploration and the SKUA/GOCAD-based Common Earth Model. This allows geologists, geophysicists, geochemists and engineers to create and share a three-dimensional, quantitatively consistent, highly visual model of the earth that fosters improved technical analysis, risk evaluation and overall project decision making for drillhole targeting, resource modelling, and geotechnical hazard assessment.