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PDF3D Launches PV+ (ParaView Plus) to Improve Data Share within the Global Engineering Community

PDF3D launches PV+ (formerly named ParaView Plus) to cater for the growing technical demands and communication requirements in the engineering, manufacturing, biomedical and mining industries.

London, UK, January 31, 2014 – After the success of PDF3D’s Version 4 release of their ParaView plugin for 3D PDF conversion, the company’s developers have been working closely with engineers from a number of disciplines and industries throughout the world to create the new integrated application, PV+ (formerly named ParaView Plus).

ParaView (Trademark of Kitware Inc.) is an open source application designed to visualise both large and complex scientific data on super computers as well as on a smaller scale on laptops and personal computers. PDF3D has taken this platform and built on it over the years to encompass animated, interactive 3D PDF publishing features.

“PV+ is a combination of our most popular features from the original ParaView plugin, plus our best ideas from our recent developments in the Geospatial arena. It not only assists professionals working within earth science industries such as Oil & Gas, but also enables engineers from simulation, scientific research and biomedical backgrounds to do much more with their data”, explained Ian Curington of PDF3D.

Having spent the final months of 2013 refining the features of the eagerly anticipated solution, PV+, based on ParaView 4.1, now works seamlessly with a range of files and formats, including 3D CAD, GIS grids shapefiles and images, COMSOL analysis results, Point Clouds and OpenFOAM CFD data, to pull information directly into fully interactive, high resolution, animated scientific visuals in 3D PDF.

“As with every product in the PDF3D suite, our sole aim is to make life easier for those working with highly technical, complex data. The technology used by engineers and scientists, whether that be CAD software or data visualization systems like ParaView, is moving at an incredible rate. Our job is to keep adapting our PDF conversion tools to enable our users and developers to turn their data into information that can be viewed and shared by anyone, no matter how technologically advanced their own software is.”

PV+ is now available to download from the PDF3D website. To find out more about the new features in ParaView Plus visit www.pdf3d.com for videos, trials and downloads.

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