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Patent Awarded for 3D Point Cloud Processing

Patent, Innovative 3D Point Cloud Simplification Method reduces data size while preserving key features, for improved collaboration and communication between scientists, engineers and designers.

London, 09 December 2015 – Visual Technology Services announces the Grant of Patent GB2521452 today for Point Cloud Simplification by the United Kingdom’s Intellectual Property Office, supporting large point cloud reduction and report generation implementations in the PDF3D software systems. The technology is successfully deployed and licensed world-wide in the areas of geospatial environmental survey, laser scanning and civil engineering.

“With the expanding use of terrestrial, UAV and airborne LiDAR, the volume of acquired 3D point cloud data is expanding rapidly. Encoding point clouds into 3D PDF requires simplification to allow collaborative communication and email distribution”, comments Ian Curington, CEO and co-author of the new patent. “The granting of this critical patent strengthens our position as leader in 3D technical publishing technology using the 3D PDF standard”.

The patent covers methods used to reduce the number of samples in a large 3D point cloud. The method achieves optimum sample selection, minimizing distortions and preserving most feature relevant subsets of the original samples or by representative new point locations and attributes. The method achieves good accuracy with efficient practical computational expense compared to previous methods. The software implementation of this method is currently licensed to Laser Scanner manufacturers, 3D point cloud processing system vendors and to commercial survey companies.

“The company’s intellectual property (IP) strategy is very well aligned with commercial software license activities”, added Ian Bingham and Vicki Salmon, the founding partners of IPASSET LLP.  “The IP strategy is closely following agile and responsive R&D as the 3D PDF use cases expand into new vertical markets. We look forward to further news of the growing PDF3D patent portfolio.”

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