PDF3D 2.25 Release Delivers Security & Support Improvements

With the release of PDF3D Version 2.25, improvements have been made to improve the security of the software and provide some additional functionality to users of ReportGen.

Leading 3D PDF tool provider PDF3D, an Apryse company, releases the V2.25 update demonstrating continued support for 3D technical publishing. The release includes the addition of new command line utilities, preserved metadata for DWG (and other Teigha formats) and new builds for CentOS Stream 9. PDF3DReportGen is now available on a range of Linux platforms.

This version also delivers fixes for over 13 security vulnerabilities. Customers using ParaView will also benefit from a new build against the updated code base. 

To take advantage of these improvements, particularly security updates, we’d encourage all customers on active maintenance to upgrade as soon as possible, please contact technical support if you require assistance.

We’re pleased to announce these major changes in V2.25 in more detail, to see the full list, please visit the full release notes.
Command Line Utilities – ReportGen
Please Note that to use the Command Line Utilities, customers must contact technical support and request an updated CLI key 
Additional command line tools are now packaged with ReportGen and are included in the installation directory. These command line tools are for standalone usage (i.e. cannot be used with additional RG functionality) and do not include any user graphical interface.
Using these utilities presents users with the opportunity to use a simple command line argument syntax and provides an alternative to modifying XML based .pdf3dsettings state files. As these tools are single purpose for specific file formats, there is no interface selection phase and users will see faster start up and reduced memory consumption.
Each utility corresponds to one of the interfaces loaded within ReportGen, for a description of interfaces and compatible formats, please click the ‘About’ button in the top toolbar within ReportGen
For a description of included options, please simply run the tool from command line (with no additional arguments). Excluding additional options, these utilities follow a calling sequence of “[utility.exe] /I [path to input file] /O [path to output file]”. 
Included are:
  1. STL_2_PDF3D.exe
  2. Prc_2_PDF3D.exe
  3. COIN3D_2_PDF3D.exe
  4. GDAL_2_PDF3D.exe
  5. gLTF_2_PDF3D.exe
  6. OSG_2_PDF3D.exe
  7. GRD_2_PDF3D.exe
  8. Teigha_2_PDF3D.exe
  9. DCC_2_PDF3D.exe
  10. XGL_2_PDF3D.exe
  11. Oc_2_PDF3D.exe
  12. Pdf_2_PDF3D.exe
  13. X3D_2_PDF3D.exe
  14. VTK_2_PDF3D.exe

Metadata Preservation – Teigha Interface

When converting files with the Teigha interface, metadata may now be preserved. In CAD, metadata is used to provide additional context and information about CAD files generated. 

This may include information such as the original Authors, File Creation time, Title, Subject and additional keyboards. 

If information is existent in Teigha files, PDF3D will export this to 3D PDFs. To view metadata, simply click on your converted model in the Model Tree in Adobe Reader: 

CentOS Stream 9 & Availability of Linux Builds

PDF3DReportGen, pdf3d.io & PDF3D SDK Pro are now available on CentOS Stream 9, please contact technical support if you would be interested in obtaining these versions or would like to discuss platform requirements.

In addition to CentOS Stream 9, these products are available on: 

  • Windows 10 x32 & x64 (VS2015, VS2017, VS2019, VS2022) *pdf3d.io is not available on x32 
  • Linux CentOS/Redhat 7 x64 (GCC 4.8.2) *Teigha Interface excluded 
  • Linux CentOS/Redhat 8.5 x64 (GCC 11.3.1) 
  • Linux CentOS Stream 9 (GCC 11.3.1) 
  • OpenSUSE 15.3 (GCC 11.2.1) 
  • Ubuntu 20.4.3 (GCC 9.4.0) 
  • MacOS 10.13 High Sierra (CLANG 9.1.0) *Intel GPU only