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PDF3D Platform Releases Improvements to Core Engine

PDF3D® Platform version 2.6.0 from Visual Technology Services incorporates performance enhancements, new large geometry processing methods and platform updates for 3D technical publishing. 

London, UK, January 17, 2013 – With PDF3D® Platform suite 2.6.0, Visual Technology Services has introduced substantial improvements to core 3D PDF generation, updating both application programs and integration software developer toolkit (www.pdf3d.com). The release contains substantial core generation technical updates affecting the entire product suite for processing larger models. The key features of this release are:

  • Latest DWF, DWG™, DXF™ 2013 Edition File Conversion Support
  • Open Design Alliance (ODA) Teigha® 3.8 Integration Support
  • Attribute Preserving 3D Mesh Simplification Processing
  • Improved Non-Cubic Trimmed NURBS Generation Methods
  • GeoTIFF Geospatial Coordinate Support for Terrain Draping
  • Microsoft® Windows 8 Runtime and VisualStudio® 2012 Development Support Added
  • Adobe® Acrobat® XI Interoperability Update

As 3D model files continue to grow to challenging size and complexity, the PDF3D core report generation system is updated to handle large models, including a new sophisticated mesh reducing simplification process which preserves contour attributes for technical engineering data. PDF3D is actively used for technical 3D reporting work-flows in life sciences, marine, civil, environmental engineering projects, earth resource exploration, numerical modeling, and general scientific data visualization reporting. 3D PDF reporting enables faster decision making, lowering project costs through improved team collaboration.

DWG, DXF are the native and proprietary file formats for AutoCAD® and a trademark of Autodesk, Inc. Visual Technology Services Ltd. is not associated with Autodesk.

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