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PDF3D Release 3D PDF Conversion Plugin for ParaView 5.3 Users

London, May 19th, 2017 – PDF3D, leaders in 3D PDF conversion technology, have today announced the latest release of their popular PV+ plugin, which enables users of the award-winning ParaView application to convert the 3D data generated by ParaView into 3D PDFs.

PDF3D’s latest PV+, V2.14, combines V5.2 and V5.3 of Kitware’s ParaView visualization application features, making it compatible with a range of new visualization techniques, which are particularly useful for those working with fluid dynamics, climate data and LiDAR Point Clouds.

“The latest version of ParaView 5.3 is immensely powerful, capable of analysing big datasets with incredible visualizations.  In line with that, we want to make sure that ParaView users have an equally powerful plugin that would enable them to share their visualizations with others who don’t have access to the app,” explained Ian Curington of PDF3D.

“With the new V2.14 release, our development team has kept the best features of our PV+ plugin, such as 1-click conversion, high compression and excellent resolution for a range of formats including 3D CAD, GIS, Point Clouds and CFD data, and added features that include animation controls, custom viewing options, and added support for using colours, annotations, PvPython scripting examples, GEOTiffs, Javascript and cameras,” added Ian.

PDF3D has become synonymous for hiding the complexity of their technology behind a straightforward user-interface but the company is keen for users to go beyond the simple PDF conversion and take full advantage of the additional features that the plugin provides.

“Our tools are predominantly designed to enable users of 3D data to share their information with anyone they want.  Using the PDF format removes the barriers that come from recipients not having access to or training in 3D tools.  But we want to help our users do more than simply convert their data. Our plugins and tools enable users to generate rich reports that provide an interactive viewing experience of 3D data, complete with full colormap texture representations and annotations, floating labels, multiple viewpoints and secure encryptions for file protection.”

The PV+ V2.14 plugin is now available to download from www.pdf3d.com for Windows & Linux.