PDF3D LiDAR Scan Architecture

Big Data 3D Mapping

With over 90 resident experts from the global geospatial community and 550 professionals from across Europe, the November 2013 LiDAR event in Amsterdam was an interesting one. From seminars and workshops to exchange forums and over 70 exhibitors, it was exciting to learn more about how large scale data is being transformed into 3D visuals.

There was clearly a move towards 3D scanning technology off the back of the big splash made by 3D printing – which is now being made available to the everyday user. There were some incredible start-up companies in this arena who were generating a great deal of interest at the exhibition.

What really did astound was just how far innovation has come with point cloud technology when it comes to handling big data. It’s interesting to see what is now, and what will be, possible with regards to 3D mapping – to the extent that they are now talking about 3D walk-throughs of entire towns. Exciting stuff!

As far as PDF 3D goes, it certainly got our developing brains sparking. Watch this space!

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