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It’s PDF Week in NYC

It’s an exciting week to be involved in the development of PDF standards, particularly the derivative versions specific to engineering and geospatial of which we have a real interest.

We’re in New York, USA at the International ISO committee meeting, and honoured to be in the unique position of representing the UK in these standards through our participation with the BSI (British Standards Institute).

As developers of the technical publishing 3D PDF software, we’ll be focusing our attention on the ISO-24517 and ISO 14739 standards, which directly affect engineers and scientists working with 3D CAD and 3D Geometric data.

We’re sure there will be many active discussions and productive steps forward in the world of 3D PDF and we’ll keep you updated as the meeting progresses.

Read more about the features in PDF3D-ReportGen and view the latest 3D PDF examples, or contact, the development team for a tour of the new version online.

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