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Brownfield Regeneration Site Planning Improved with Geospatial 3D PDFs

ADM Regeneration Ltd. (http://www.admregen.co.uk) is a leading specialist in brownfield regeneration, covering decommissioning, demolition and remediation in the UK.In order to effectively plan and manage the regeneration projects, a great deal of information is required before and during each project, for example, survey data, digital elevation models in DWG format, and full 3D site maps showing clearance, earthworks and site re-engineering areas.However, this information is nothing unless it can be communicated effectively to each decision maker and stakeholder involved in the process.

Interactive 3D Maps for planning and communication

As leaders in their field, ADM Regeneration recognised the importance of clear communication early on and now rely heavily on interactive, 3D PDF Maps to clarify the planning and reporting phases of each project for their clients.

“From our experience, 3D visualizations are extremely effective in enhancing both understanding and communication of complicated site environmental issues for our clients. In many cases, 3D visualizations of soil contamination have been instrumental in helping us to find and agree site reclamation plans with our clients. In addition, our clients really value the images we give them for their project files. Similarly, these portable 3D PDF visualizations give us a great way to illustrate case studies on our website too”, explained Adam Matthews, ADM’s Managing Director.

PDF3D ReportGen used to visualize 3D GIS

ADM Regeneration use PDF3D ReportGen, which is an extremely easy to use (and easy to integrate) application for creating geospatial 3D PDF reports. For instance, site GIS maps, 3D topographical contour survey data, re-engineering plan can be published in interactive 3D PDF reports, where all the key elements are shown in context, at the click of a button.

3D PDF resulted in project success

Once specific, and now frequent, example where PDF3D ReportGen has made a big difference to ADM Regeneration and their client was with a major brownfield regeneration project at Dumers Lane, a former factory site in greater Manchester. The site was cleaned and reformed to make it suitable for 250 new homes and commercial premises. This included raising the main site above the flood plain, and lowering the margin boundary near the river to create a water meadow. The project went ahead, smoothly, thanks to the visual communication used throughout the planning and reporting process.

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