Client Communications Improved with Geospatial 3D PDFs

Fugro is a global organisation providing the specialist expertise, people, technology and equipment to explore and analyse the earth’s surface, onshore and offshore, for Oil & Gas, Mining, Energy and Infrastructure clients throughout the world.

As a highly client-focused organisation, the clear communication of GIS data between internal teams and clients is critical to Fugro’s success. This need to share and translate complex models with clients and colleagues efficiently led Fugro to search for a better, universally accessible solution for presenting their technical data.

The analytical team at Fugro use point clouds to generate 3D models of the sea floor and infrastructure but found that visualising the data in a way that was easily accessible for clients and their consultants was a challenge.

Clients would often be required to download specific software to view the data, whilst some would need additional training to use the tools and viewers, adding time and cost to the communication process.

Fugro needed a tool that would enable them to share data with others without the need for additional software, training and complication.

PDF3D listened to our challenges and showed us how to convert our data into 3D PDFs that everyone could view and manipulate using functionality that already existed on the majority of computers”, explained Ben Holden, Survey Analyst at Fugro.

“It’s refreshing to deal with a software company like PDF3D who really listen to our challenges and respond, personally, very quickly. We always get a response within 24 hours and have been very impressed with the new features that have been added as a result of our requests. We now use the software during our work as well as post-job. We are very much looking forward to exploring the latest Geo-Mapping features in the new version of PDF3D ReportGen.”

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