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PDF3D Make 3D PDF Reporting Possible for COMSOL® Users with PV+

PDF3D announce latest format support for COMSOL® users with their 3D PDF reporting PV+ software.

Convert COMSOL to 3D PDFLondon, UK, April 02, 2014 – London, UK, April 02, 2014 – PDF3D have been busy this spring with yet another feature development. This time, the 3D developers have enhanced their ParaView derived product PV+ which now enables COMSOL® simulation software users to easily create interactive 3D reports in Adobe’s PDF.

COMSOL®, which was released by COMSOL AB in 1998, allows professionals who work with structural mechanics, electromagnetics, fluid flow, heat transfer, MEMS and acoustics to visually manage their workflow using COMSOL Multiphysics® analysis software.

COMSOL® simulation software users are currently able to create screen shots and movie files that can be shared with others however, to get real 3D interaction in a report, the pathways to do this are rare, which is where PDF3D’s PV+ comes in.

“We’ve developed two main pathways for COMSOL Multiphysics® to enable 3D PDF Report generation,” explained Ian Curington of PDF3D, “the first of these uses a customized and extended version of ParaView which contains a COMSOL analysis software results format loader and a large library of 3D data visualization methods that creates 3D publishing directly, without needing any other intermediate software.”

PDF3D also offers a fast workflow from COMSOL non-displaced meshes showing analysis results. It works with the company’s immensely popular ReportGen software, which can also load COMSOL Multiphysics® analysis software result models and apply a colour contour to a surface mesh before generating a 3D PDF report at the touch of a button.

“Once the PDF is exported, it can be reviewed by anyone with the free Adobe Reader, without needing access to either PV+. This easy sharing of critical and complex data is the driving force behind all of our developments at PDF3D this year,” added Mr Curington.

You can see how easy it is to create an interactive 3D PDF report from COMSOL® using PDF3D’s PV+ in this tutorial.

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