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Patent Awarded for 3D Image Texture Compression Technology

Novel Compression of 3D geometry with image textures improves fidelity and reduces data size for a wide range of computer graphics applications.


London, UK, May 27, 2014 – Visual Technology Services announces the Grant of Patent US8736603 today for Compression of Texture Rendered Wire Mesh Models by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, supporting the highly compressed texture implementation in the PDF3D software systems. The technology is successfully deployed and licensed world-wide with integration into numerous 3D technical report generation systems in the areas of engineering, geophysical exploration, geo-intelligence and product design.

3D PDF documents with large 3D textured models are driving the need for compression to allow collaborative communication and email distribution” comments Ian Curington, CEO and author of the new patent. “The granting of this critical patent strengthens our position as leader in 3D technical publishing technology using the PDF/Engineering document standards”.

The patent covers PDF3D methods used to encode 3D geometric models with textures into a 3D PDF document. Texture mapping involves the polygon geometry, the image to be textured, and the texture mapping coordinates to control the placement of the image onto the geometry. Since the geometry may be modified during compression, this patent describes how the texture mapping coordinates can be modified to minimize distortions and reduce storage costs. As a general 3D computer graphics technique, it has potential to be applied to games, CGI, CAD, and graphics hardware (GPUs).

“The company’s high-growth intellectual property (IP) strategy is clearly working.” comment Ian Bingham and Vicki Salmon, the founding partners of IPASSET LLP. “The tightly focused strategy is enabling strong export growth to both Europe and North America, backed up by relevant IP for product R&D. We are pleased to follow this success, and we look forward to further announcements regarding the growing patent portfolio.”

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