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PDF3D Release 3D PDF PowerPoint Plugin V.2

PDF3D’s popular free PowerPoint plugin gets a 2015 upgrade with the latest release, which enables users of the Microsoft slideshow software to embed interactive 3D PDFs into presentations at the click of a button.

London, UK, May 12th, 2015 – Users of Microsoft’s presentation software, PowerPoint, can now show interactive 3D PDFs within their slideshows, with the aid of PDF3D’s free PowerPoint plugin, which has now been upgraded to work with the latest version of PowerPoint.

PDF3D are leaders in the 3D PDF arena with a suite of products designed to help users convert, present and share 3D data more easily within the familiar and universally accessible PDF format. As with the other tools in the range, the PDF3D in PowerPoint plugin is quick to install and conforms to the ‘one-click’ philosophy, for which the company’s software is renowned.

“The PDF3D PowerPoint plugin has been one our most popular downloads,” explained Ian Curington, Managing Director at PDF3D. “Whilst it doesn’t actually convert 3D data into PDF as PDF3D ReportGen does, it does allow the 3D PDFs to bring a slideshow to life by enabling the presenter, or user, to fully explore the 3D image with zoom, rotate and sequential animation, which helps to communicate ideas, models, landscapes, parts and prototypes much more clearly.”

The plugin’s key features include a simple Windows installer, which detects the user’s version of PowerPoint and inserts everything automatically. No unzip, coding, configuration or complex installation procedures are required. Once installed, the user can add any local PDF file, which can then be displayed within the PowerPoint presentation as a live frame, without the user having to leave the slideshow.

Version 2 of PDF3D in PowerPoint is officially released today. Contact us to download the free plugin.

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