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PDF3D V2.10 Release Gives Engineers Advanced Customization for 3D Reporting

PDF3D announce latest V2.10 release with advanced customization and styling for users of PDF3D-ReportGen for 3D PDF reporting.

London, UK, June 24, 2014 – In PDF3D’s new V2.10 version released today, the leading 3D PDF developers have added many advanced styling options to enable engineers to customize 3D modelling and reporting much further than before in 3D PDF. The PDF3D ReportGen release coincides with a major update of the PDF3D development toolkit.

From geospatial to engineering and manufacturing, the company has continuously pushed new boundaries in what is possible with the conversion of data from CAD, Point Cloud, ParaViewCOMSOL, FBX and many more formats into the universally accessible 3D PDF files. In this latest update, PDF3D have maintained their mission to keep 3D PDF conversion as easy and flexible as possible for users and developers.

Capabilities such as full progressive sequence animation with one click combined with improvements to control over font styles, watermarks, colors and transparency gives users the ability to interact & present 3D in much richer and detailed ways. For power users custom layer ordering and scripting is complemented by menus available in 12 languages.

“In our new versions of both PDF3D-ReportGen and SDK our development team have been keen to help our engineering community have greater flexibility in how they customize their 3D reports in PDF”, explained Ian Curington of PDF3D. “The new features we’ve added have been as a direct result of the input we’ve received from our customers and range from simplified 3D JavaScript insertion for writing their own customized themes to draping lines and polygon coverage shapes over terrain models without the need for grid files for those working with civil engineering data.”

“Advanced customization of 3D reports is just one aspect of the new release”, added Mr Curington, “the way the models can be viewed and presented has been improved too with the addition of custom DWG camera views, scrollable parts lists and many other visual presentation features.”

The theme of ‘one-click action’ for high quality results continues to be prominent throughout PDF3D’s latest suite release, firmly positioning the company’s products as the favourites for fast integration and straightforward usability in 3D PDF generation.

See more 3D PDF examples, or contact, the development team for a tour of the new version online.

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