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PDF3D Announce Major New Release for 3D PDF Software Suite

After many months in development, PDF3D have today announced the public release V2.11.0 of their 3D PDF software suite, which promises a wealth of new features for the engineering, manufacturing and geospatial communities.

London, UK, February 10th, 2015 – Developers and end users of PDF3D ReportGen, SDK and XML Server will be delighted with today’s announcement from 3D PDF experts PDF3D. In direct response to their customers, a large number of technical issues have been addressed to improve quality and stability of the tools, whilst also raising the level of functionality with a range of new features.

PDF3D have been at the forefront of 3D PDF generation software for a number of years, catering for a growing number of engineers, scientists, field workers and medical professionals around the world. With this new release, the development team has been keen to add specific features for their key markets, to make the tools as relevant as possible to each user’s specific industry requirements.

“For our geospatial customers, we’ve extended the Geospatial 3D PDF solution profile with new input data formats, new processing methods and new library features for developers,” explained Ian Curington, Head Developer at PDF3D, “and for engineers and CAD users, we’ve added new engineering representations and advanced texture mapping surface material characteristics.”

Those new features only scratch the surface of what is in the new release. With new textures, material characteristics and templates available within the software, users can enhance their 3D PDF reports further than ever before, for even greater clarity of data.

“Those working with 3D terrain, point cloud data and scans will find various new formats and functions including the addition of GeoTIFF 16 & 32-bit Raster Elevation Data and IMAGINE IMG Raster Data Format for multi-channel imagery and elevations. With IRAP Classic Grid Formats, Landmark ZMap Elevation Grids and layered 2D PDF Geospatial map drawing now extended, there are some great new visual features in the tool,” added Ian.

V2.11.0 is available to download immediately. For new customers wishing to experience a walk-through or trial of the software, contact Dan O’Connor at PDF3D. For a full list of the new features in V2.11.0, take a look at our products.

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