PDF3D Release V2.9 PDF3D-SDK for 3D PDF Developers

PDF3D® Announcement: 3D PDF toolkit release provides new unified 2D and 3D integration methods.

London, UK, December 05, 2013 – Developers and programmers within the CAD PLM, Engineering, Geospatial and Oil & Gas markets can now download the highly anticipated new release of Visual Technology Service’s PDF3D-SDK Developers Toolkit.

As part of a full product suite update, the PDF3D V2.9 release is filled with many new features to make 3D PDF creation even easier, faster and more intelligent both from a developer’s viewpoint as well as the end-user.

Supporting even more formats, file types and languages, V2.9.0 has been enhanced to integrate easily with existing systems and processes with improved interfaces and general bug fixes.

“This latest update is as a result of close collaboration with our existing customers. With input from developers throughout the world, we’ve refined the toolkit even further. We’ve added some extra methods and modes within the PDF3D Exporter module and included a new CYMK example. We’ve also upgraded license configurations which greatly improves the licence start-up time”, explained Ian Curington of PDF3D.

Included in the recent update, developers and users will discover expanded file types for Comsol engineering analysis; added multiple languages; faster start-up time and added support for the latest versions of Windows 8.1, VeloView Pointcloud, ParaView Plus and GeoVRML.

“We aim to maintain our reputation in providing straightforward, intuitive developer tools and will continuously work with our customers to ensure our features allow the developers to do what they need to do without adding unnecessary complexity and time to their workflow”, said Ian.

For a full list of all the new features in V2.9.0, visit www.pdf3d.com where you can also request a trial of PDF3D-SDK and view tutorial videos.

About PDF3D: PDF3D ( ) is an innovative independent 3D technical publishing technology for 3D models viewable in PDF documents. Covering a wide range of applications from geospatial, geology, aerospace, architecture, product packaging, and online sales & marketing, PDF3D makes it practical to distribute interactive 3D documents to everyone with the free Adobe® Reader.

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