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PDF3D Announce V2.9.0 ReportGen Release for 3D PDF Creation

PDF3D® Release Announcement: Latest PDF3D v2.9.0 reporting application provides user-friendly professional 3D PDF publishing options. 

London, UK, December 05, 2013 – In their continuing endeavour to keep their technology at the forefront of 3D PDF innovation, the developers at PDF3D® have released a new version of PDF3D ReportGen.

Just weeks after the V2.8.0 release that included specific features for the geospatial community, this new version goes even further to support scientists, educational establishments and the greater engineering arena.

ReportGen is a popular product amongst professionals who need to communicate large data or complex information to others who either don’t have access to niche software or who require clearer, simpler visual representations of results. ReportGen makes this possible by converting information from a variety of different file types into the universal, user-friendly PDF format that everyone already has access to on their computers.

“Our new version V2.9.0 makes interactive 3D PDF even more useful for engineers and analysts. We’ve expanded file types for Comsol engineering analysis; added multiple languages; made start-up time even faster and added support for the latest versions of ParaView Plus, VeloView Pointcloud, GeoVRML and Windows 8.1″, explained Ian Curington of PDF3D.

With a new and growing library of ‘How To’ videos on their website, PDF3D are keen to maintain their reputation as the user-friendly product developers.

“The user is always at the forefront of our minds when we develop our software. We keep every element as simple as possible, from installation to the 3D PDF conversion itself, to ensure usability is always intuitive and straightforward. As we now begin to create more videos, we hope that our users can really start to take advantage of the great potential our tools have to offer too”, said Ian.

For a full list of all the new features in V2.9.0, visit www.pdf3d.com where you can also watch videos and request a trial of the software.

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