After 7 Years, ISO Publish Technical PRC Document For 3D PDF Standards

In December 2014, ISO announced their approval of the standard for PRC in 3D PDF documents. On the 31st January 2015, the BSI officially publishes the long awaited accompanying technical document.

London, UK, January 31st, 2015 – London, UK, January 31st, 2015 Visual Technology Services, the company behind PDF3D, has spent many years campaigning for the approval of standards for PRC in 3D documentation, alongside Adobe and many others involved in the PDF community. After 7 years of refining, reviewing and voting, ISO finally announced the new standard ISO 14739-1:2014 and as of today, the BSI has published the eagerly awaited 284-page technical document that supports it.

PRC (Product Representation Compact) refers to the file format for 3D content in models and data. It can be used, as an alternative to the older U3D, for creating, storing, viewing and sharing 3D data in 3D PDF documents. It enables the display of various kinds of 3D data similar to that generated in CAD systems. For that reason, PRC is widely used in the CAD PLM ManufacturingEngineeringGeospatial 3D Mapping, Surveying and the Mineral Exploration industries.

As the UK representative for international PDF standards, Ian Curington of PFD3D has been heavily involved behind the scenes on raising awareness of PRC. “PRC enables users to view high quality, detailed 3D images without having access to the original software used to create it. In that respect, it’s a very important piece of technology and is used, often unknowingly, by millions of people around the world”, explained Ian.

Adobe acquired the PRC intellectual property back in 2008 and submitted the format specifications to ISO shortly after. Seven years later, after a great deal of work by many in the team alongside PDF3D and Adobe, the publication has been released. “It’s been a long journey,” added Ian, “but we’re all delighted with the announcement.”

A review of the document titled “Document management — 3D use of Product Representation Compact (PRC) format — Part 1: PRC 10001” is available here: BLOG_PRC_Format_Approved

Read more about PRC, or to see the technology being used in 3D PDF Conversion Software.

The ISO standard PRC format specification document may be obtained directly from ISO at:
or in the United Kingdom from BSI (British Standards Institution) at:

Background and information on the PRC format can be seen at: “About PRC Blog”

The technical document “Document management — 3D use of Product Representation Compact (PRC) format — Part 1: PRC 10001” Version 1.0, 2014 Edition is referenced under ISBN 978 0 580 68764 8 at

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