Precision Machining Vendor +GF+ Leads with 3D PDF Quotations

GF Machining Solutions delivers 3D PDF proposals to customers and staff

For Machine Configuration and Layout, the Swiss company GF Machining Solutions supplies wire & die sinking electrical discharge machines, high-speed milling, laser texturing machines and additive manufacturing systems, tooling and automation systems to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components. For each automation system project, unique layouts of the automatic cells are created on a CAD-System in 3D and 2D, where customers can struggle to understand the 2D drawing and quotation.

Solution: Each customer receives a 3D PDF layout, to understand much better how it will look and operate within the facility. Both manufacturing customers and +GF+ staff like the 3D-PDF-files very much.

Application Area: Machining, Manufacturing

Technologies Used: PDF3D ReportGen