Preference 3D PDF Samples for Fenestration Manufacturing

PrefSuite-LogoThe sample 3D PDFs show models developed in PrefSuite, an ERP software system from Preference in Valencia Spain. The samples show windows, doors and curtain walls in 3D PDF document format for use in the fenestration industry supply chain. PrefSuite has integrated PDF3D-SDK methods to produce custom view points, dimensional annotations (GD&T, PMI), section icons and model cut-aways. Glass sections are transparent and construction materials are shown with realistic representations. The 3D PDF files only require the Adobe Reader to display and move around the 3D window designs as an important collaborative facility in PrefSuite. Such 3D PDF electronic documents are very useful for sales-quotes and orders as well as for supply chain communication.

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Preference-PL_12_KD11_1_W-STEP_screenshot Preference-case8-hp-screenshot Preference_3400_case8_screenshot

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