Create Rich 3D PDFs from ANSYS Workbench FEA, CFD and EM Results

Using the simple Workbench menu feature, the More-PDF enhancement plugin enables ANSYS users to convert and compress analysis results into rich, interactive 3D PDF reports.

Generate Reports in 3D-PDF Format

  • From inside ANSYS Workbench
  • Standalone for ANSYS CFD, Maxwell, HFSS, TurboGrid (AVZ) and MAPDL data

View, Rotate and Explore CAE-Models in Common PDF-Viewer

  • No installation of a third-party viewer necessary
  • Sample result values with probe
  • Create ONE multi-page (citable) document

Strong Data Size Compression, e.g.

  • from 900 MB ANSYS result file to 45 MB ANSYS-AVZ-file to 9 MB 3D-PDF-file

ANSYS, ANSYS CFD, CFX, Fluent, Maxwell, HFSS, TurboGrid, AVZ and APDL, MAPDL are trademarks of Ansys Inc. Neither Visual Technology Services Ltd. or 7tech GmbH are affiliated with Ansys Inc.

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PDF3D More Pdf - Sample Models

To View 3D PDF samples, install the Adobe Reader. Click “Save As…” to save and open the PDF outside the Web browser.

More-PDF Overview
More-PDF Getting Started Tutorial
Overview Features

With More-PDF, CAE results can be converted to 3D PDF format. More-PDF enables expressive reports with 3D content to be created, which can be opened with a standard PDF reader. Because PDF readers are so widely used the installation of a third party viewer is not necessary to open the 3D-content. The recipient of the report can easily rotated, zoomed and investigated the model in detail. This format makes it much easier to spread comprehensive model information and saves a lot of time instead of creating a numerous static 2D pictures.

Create ONE citable document including objectives, conclusions, model description, 3D-results and result assessment of a simulation as a professional client deliverable.

Enhanced Viewing Experience
More-PDF helps you to create complex interactive visualizations with easy-to-use viewing controls allowing your users to adjust and setup specific investigations for a much deeper understanding of analysis results. They will be able to observe immediate effects and relationships within models, and inspect detailed 3D properties using zoom, pan and rotate within the interactive PDF.

More-PDF comes with a wealth of features for communicating technical analysis results in way that your stakeholders will be able to appreciate to a much greater degree than ever before.

  • Extension Plugin to ANSYS Workbench
  • CAE: Mechanical, CFD, Maxwell, HFSS, Meshing
  • Extends ANSYS Viewer, AVZ, APDL
  • High File Compression
  • Allows Free 3D Rotation, Zoom
  • Precise Legend, Contour Colors
  • Interactive Result Value Probe Read-out
  • Mark-up and Comment in Adobe Reader
  • Offline, Secure PDF Document
  • Material Type Plots
  • Beam Element Cross-Section Plot
  • Shell Element Thickness Plot
  • Unaveraged Stress Plot
  • Max over Time Stress Plot
  • Capped IsoSurface Plot
  • Strong 256 bit encryption

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