PDF3D Kompas

PDF3D Kompas 3D Plugin

The Secure, Enterprise-Wide Collaboration Tool

For the first time, 3D CAD models, assembles and scenes generated in Kompas can now be easily converted into rich, interactive 3D PDFs at the click of a button, ready to be shared.

  • Enterprise-wide for collaboration
  • Instant, automatic updates
  • Intelligent data retrieval

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PDF3D Kompas User Interface, Converter to 3D PDF from various formats PDF3D Kompas not only allows you to share your 3D CAD models and simulations with just about anyone with the Adobe Reader, but also enables you to bring those 3D PDFs to life with features that will communicate your ideas, research and data in rich, interactive and animated digital documents.

Animation Standalone Templates included

Enhanced User Experience
The main feature is the possibility of user interaction with 3D scenes stored within the PDF file. For example, the user can rotate, resize and move parts and assemblies within the 3D PDF file, just as they would appear in KOMPAS-3D. PDF3D Kompas also eliminates the use of intermediate files resulting in superior visual quality and a vastly improved user experience for a whole new community of CAD engineers.

3D Animation
A further key feature of this plugin is the capture of assembly path animations and building sequences for 3D designs. This enables the user to gain a deep understanding of how the multiple parts within your 3D models move in relation to each other. With assembly and disassembly simulation, and material effects, the smooth animation can be viewed from different angles with different rotations, orientations and positions to demonstrate the behaviour of your models before they are built.

Rich 3D Reports
The plugin easily integrates PDF models into manuals, assembly instructions, marketing materials and presentations, with building sequences, rich animations, template text, background images, tables and logos, allowing you to create rich, interactive reports at the click of a button.

PDF3D’s KOMAS 3D plug-in means that CAD models can now be easily converted into universally accessible 3D Adobe PDFs that can be shared digitally in seconds. Here are a few key highlights of the platform:

  • Preservation of parts and assemblies in 3D PDF format for online viewing using free Adobe Reader software
  • Ability to create animations to simulate the natural order of assembly and disassembly
  • Ability to create animations to simulate bending sheet metal
  • Insert 3D into existing PDF documents containing template text, background images, tables, specifications, emblems, logos, etc.
  • BREP representation of Trimmed NURBS Surfaces using ISO-14739 PRC Encoding for 3D PDF
  • Direct integration to C3D Geometry Kernel for parametric and hybrid model conversion to 3D PDF.
  • Menus in English and Russian
  • PC-compatible computer running Windows XP or higher
  • Established installation of CAD KOMPAS-3D V13 version or higher
  • Adobe Reader version 9 or above to view results
  • The plug-in is available for both 64-bit and 32-bit systems.
  • Available worldwide in English and Russian languages.