Create Rich 3D PDFs from ParaView Results, Faster

With just one click of a button, the ParaView Plus plugin enables ParaView users to convert and compress big data into rich, interactive 3D PDF.

  • Intelligent Conversion in Just One Click
  • Works seamlessly with a range of formats and file types
  • Superior Compression Quality
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PV+ is a combination of our most popular features from the original ParaView plugin, plus our best ideas from our recent developments in the Geospatial arena. It not only assists professionals working within earth science industries such as Oil & Gas, but also enables engineers from manufacturing, scientific research and biomedical backgrounds to do much more with their data.

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Rich Technical Reports
Using the physical data alongside the visual abstract data from libraries, files, texts, and codes, PV+ enables you to quickly create highly compressed, interactive and graphically rich representations of your data. Display a range of features including structured and unstructured grids, adaptive mesh refinement cells, polygons, points, lines, time dependent data and sequenced animation.

Easy To Use
With all its grandeur, the Plugin is extremely simple to use and learn. We’ve developed it to be deliberately straightforward, to save you time. With fully integrated controls inside the ParaView client menu system and a long list of supported formats and platforms within the plugin, you’ll be able to generate rich 3D PDF reports complete with interactive, moveable models, grids, charts, animations, videos and audio, that can produced and shared at the click of a button. Watch the PV+ video.

Enhanced Viewing Experience
PV+ helps you to create complex interactive visualizations with easy-to-use viewing controls allowing your users to adjust and setup specific investigations for a much deeper understanding of your presentation. They will be able to observe immediate effects and relationships within animated sequences, and inspect detailed 3D structures using zoom, pan and rotate within the interactive PDF.

PV+ enables you to export scenes, specifically with 3D content, by converting Paraview results to 3D PDF files using the PDF3D technical report generation system. It comes with a wealth of features and extensions that give you an abundance of options to communicate technical data in way that your stakeholders will be able to appreciate to a much greater degree than ever before.

  • Automate your report creation with batch production.
  • Demonstrate transient results with animation
  • Capture 3D View snapshot to 3D PDF with a simple file-save icon.
  • Capture 2D spreadsheet table data to PDF.
  • Create multi-page PDF reports by appending or merging various visualizations.
  • Add custom annotation, title, caption, keywords or company logo
  • Highly compressed 3D Geometry Representation, using PRC-HCT or U3D encoding
  • Add unlimited movie and sound clips
  • Animation Playback with Variable Speed VCR Toolbar
  • Full Colormap Texture Representation, Colorbar Legend Annotation
  • Automatic multiple view-point creation for PDF scene navigation
  • 3D Axes Cube Reproduced with floating 3D labels
  • Protect your report with access rights and strong 256 bit encryption

Experience all of these features and more before you buy. Request the free 30-day trial here.

ParaView is an open source application designed to visualise both large and complex scientific data on super computers as well as on a smaller scale on laptops and personal computers. PDF3D has taken this platform and built on to encompass animated, interactive 3D PDF publishing features.

PV+ can be used to communicate technical analysis data with tools suitable for:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Computation Electro-Magnetism (CEM)
  • Geophysics
  • Engineering
  • Medical Imaging
  • Material Science
  • Numerical Simulation result post-processing

Let us show you round PV+ with a personalised, on-screen walk-through. Request a walk-through here.

The system includes additional functional extensions to the standard ParaView, including:
  • 15+ patches and extensions to the ParaView base system
  • 3DDEM uniform 3D volume data loader for geophysical 3D blocks
  • Banded Contour Filter
  • COMSOL Analysis Result Reader
  • ESRI ArcGIS ASCII Grid (.asc) loader
  • OpenFOAM to Image Filter for deriving elevation surface from multi-block result
  • GeoReferenced Image loader, for GeoTIFF, and TIF,JPEG,PNG with world-file coordinates
  • Gocad Reader for tsurf, sgrid, voxet geological data models
  • Graticule Lines for locked reference grid lines to annotate geospatial models
  • OBJ File Exporter - writes improved scene capture models to external OBJ format with texture and PC2 displacement
  • Serafin data loader for Telemac hydrodynamic simulation result files
  • ShapeFile Reader for ESRI ArcGIS vector shape files
  • vtkPOFFFile Reader, current version of extended OpenFOAM result data loader
  • ZMap Plus File Loader for ZMap / ZCor 2D uniform ASCII grids

See the extended PV+ File Format List covering types such as:

  • Scientific Simulation Data Formats
  • CFD, FEA Analysis Formats
  • CSV, Raw Data Formats
  • Geometric Shape Formats
  • Geospatial Image Formats

PDF3D PV+ is an extension plug-in for ParaView. See www.paraview.org for more details.

In addition to requirements for base ParaView, we recommend:

  • 1.5GHz or faster processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1.5Gb of available hard-disk space
  • Video hardware acceleration (optional)
  • A supported Microsoft® Windows® operating system:
    • Windows 11 (64 bit)
    • Windows 10 (64 bit)

On Windows, the software package is supplied as a .EXE installer file. An email containing a transient timed validated download link from our secure cloud storage "depot" will be sent.

After downloading, save this EXE on your local file system. Double-click or run this installer. Elevated administrative rights will be requested during the install process, as the installer creates registry settings and new entries into the desktop start menus. The application files normally are placed within the "Program Files" area which also require administrative rights.

After installing, first run the PDF3D License utility. Use this to request a license. Administrator privileges are not required to request or activate a license. If firewalls or network policies block the license request communication to the pdf3d.com website, please push "show codes" and send these by any available means of communication.


To permanently remove the software application, use the Windows Add/Remove menu in the control panel. Alternatively the Start Menu contains an uninstall link. Elevated administrative rights will be requested during the uninstall process, as the installer removes program files, removes registry settings and removes entries into the desktop start menus.

Any license keys are NOT removed, so if the software is re-installed or upgraded the same keys should be functional.