PDF3D XML Server

PDF3D XML Server System

The Secure, Enterprise-Wide Collaboration Tool

Our PDF3D XML Server takes collaboration to a new level with a secure, customizable platform that automatically delivers rich, highly compressed, technical 3D models and simulations from multiple sources (such as STL, DWG, STEP, VRML, DAE), controlled from templates, to everyone on your team.

  • Rich XML toolkit to enhance event driven 3D PDF workflows for 3D & 2D technical changes
  • Facilitates the enrichment of 3D PDF technical content with PMI annotation, measurement & metadata
  • Batch XML tool kit facilitating the creation of rich template driven 3D PDF technical documents
  • Facilitates use cases where intelligent filtering of 3D assemblies is needed  to support key changes in 3D model design

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PDF3D XML Server Web Services Data Flow Diagram Accelerate time to prototype, deliver production systems faster and automate workflows with XML Server. If you need to store, access, convert and share large files of complex, 2D and 3D data from fragmented technical projects, PDF3D XML Server can do it, securely, automatically and fast.
This easy-to-use bridging platform enables engineers and scientists to collaborate on centrally stored information that can then be published, exchanged, amended and communicated instantly in rich, interactive 3D PDFs throughout the enterprise.

High Compression Secure Standalone

Create, Publish and Update in Real Time
3D PDF conversion, publishing amending becomes simplified in this centralized, automated platform. Using its highly customisable business logic and features of the PDF3D suite of products, XML Server can be configured to trigger different actions instantly in response to any changes made to your 3D content, alerting everyone in your network in real time.

Seamless Integration and Fully Compatible
XML Server has been developed to seamlessly integrate with industry databases, web servers and authoring systems intuitively without the need for additional software. With over 70 file formats (such as STL, DWG, STEP, VRML, DAE) included, you’ll be able to hook into existing systems, including ERP and PLM, using standard XML server specifications and templates easily.

Remote Centralized Access, Securely
XML Server provides a central access point for all authorized personnel, avoiding individual desktop roll out. Using a centralized server means that you and your teams can access, produce and publish reports from anywhere with an online connection, giving them the flexibility they need to work and share information remotely.

XML Server has been proven in mission critical manufacturing and engineering processes where companies have needed to deliver accurate and timely 3D content to their teams, websites and networks. Here are a few key highlights of the platform:

  • XML Server can automatically and intelligently retrieve the right data for you, converting it into PDF instantly
  • Hook into existing systems, including ERP and PLM, through C++, C# .NET, Visual Basic, Python and PHP
  • Available in multiple languages, and is fully compatible with WindowsXP sp3, Vista, Windows-7 (32 & 64 bit), Linux RedHat 5 (32 & 64 bit) and MacOSX Snow Leopard, Lion (64 bit).
  • Utilize and customise the PDF Templates included in the library
  • Enhance your content further with reporting features which include Comments, Measurements, Annotations and External Links
  • Enable key security features within your 3D PDFs including password protection, watermarking and strong 256 bit encryption
  • Supports over 70 different industry files and formats
  • Brings in the power of other PDF3D products

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How to install:

On Windows, the software package is supplied as a vendor signed .EXE installer file. An email containing a transient timed validated download link from our secure cloud storage "depot" will be sent.

After downloading, save this EXE on your local file system. Double-click or run this installer. Elevated administrative rights will be requested during the install process, as the installer creates registry settings and new entries into the desktop start menus.

After installing, first run the PDF3D License utility. Use this to request a license. Administrator privileges are not required to request or activate a license. If firewalls or network policies block the license request communication to the pdf3d.com website, please push "show codes" and send these by any available means of communication.

How to remove, uninstall:

To permanently remove the software application, use the Windows Add/Remove menu in the control panel. Elevated administrative rights will be requested during the uninstall process, as the installer removes program files, removes registry settings and removes entries into the desktop start menus.

Any license keys are NOT removed, so if the software is re-installed or upgraded the same keys should be functional.