PV+ Multi-View Publishing

Latest version adds an option to export entire ParaView visible window multi-view session to one PDF page,  capturing window configurations, multiple interactive 2D and 3D sub-windows, static views and tables. PV+ Version 2.17.0, the ParaView 5.5-based application with additional plugins and PDF3D publishing, is released with new features and corrections as:

#1405: Added using scientific notation for labels in legend bar when required
Automatically enables high dynamic range numerical values noted on the legend layout.

#1361: Added option to export entire multiview to one PDF page
Each window type and split relationship is captured into a similar layout on the PDF page.
Multiple 3D views are captured in a single pass, avoiding a more complex manual work-flow.

#1411: Added supporting Surface With Edges representation
Identifies suitable rendering modes in ParaView with more faithful PDF line display.

#1359: Added support for logarithmic scale in scalarbars, legend, capturing the ParaView ranges.

#1415: Fixed problems with caching user interface control values, operational work-flow improvements.

PV+ is available for 64-bit Windows and Linux.

How to use Multi-View Export:

1. In any ParaView session, use the window splitters to sub-divide the main viewing area.
2. Assign different plot display types in each sub-window, visible content and initial orientation,
rotation and scales.
3. Adjust the window splitters for the best looking relative size of each sub-window.
4. Enable “Multi-View” mode and “Single Page” option in the PDF3D Settings panel.
5. Export the the current session to 3D PDF.

For more info see https://www.pdf3d.com/products/pdf3d-pv/