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Which Product is Right for Me?

There are two categories of PDF3D tools – aimed at end-users and developers.

For user-friendly file conversion, PDF3D ReportGen is a standalone software which encompasses the full range of capabilities of our software suite and allows for simple conversion of a range of file formats.

PDF3D PV+ is an additional plug-in to ParaView. This is particularly aimed at users who are looking to integrate visualisation techniques into their data analysis workflow. PV+ is simple to use and is fully integrated within the existing ParaView interface. It allows users to quickly create highly compressed, interactive and graphically rich representations of data.

More PDF:Ansys Plug-In is a plug-in for Ansys Workbench. This is aimed at users who are working with multi-physical simulation software and are interested in fast post-processing of data to portal PDF3D format.

The software development kits consist of and PDF3D Development SDK Pro. is a fast-access programming toolkit for developers who want the automated menu features of ReportGen and power of the underlying PDF3D SDK. Conversions to 3D PDF may be run through command-line, .NET Component or RESTful Server with JSON/XML API. is a low-code-programming style.

PDF3D Development SDK Pro toolkit is our most advanced product and the most powerful 3D PDF toolkit. It is designed for developers who want utilise our full range of capabilities and enhance their own 3D tools.

If you are still unsure about which PDF3D product most suits your needs, please contact us and provide us a description of your use case.

Contacts for Local Sales

If applicable, customers should contact their regional distributor.

Ready-to-Use Tools Developer SDKs
Programs, Applications, Utilities, and Plug-ins for 3D Conversion and Reporting.

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  • Architecture
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Geospatial
  • Oil & Gas
  • Medical
  • Academic, Research
  • Home Use
  • Dental
  • Panoramic360
  • Other
  • --Product--
  • PDF3D ReportGen
  • PDF3D PV+
  • PDF3D in PowerPoint
  • PDF3D IO Toolkit for Developers
  • PDF3D SDK Pro Toolkit for Developers
  • More-PDF ANSYS WorkBench Extension Plugin
  • --Platform--
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple MacOSX
  • Linux
  • Web
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  • --File Format--
  • DWG
  • STL
  • STEP
  • 3DS
  • FBX
  • IFC
  • PLY
  • U3D
  • PRC
  • AMF
  • VTK
  • SHP
  • VRML
  • X3D
  • IV
  • OBJ
  • KML
  • LAS
  • PTS
  • E57
  • IMG
  • FLT
  • LWO
  • OSGB
  • XGL
  • AVZ
  • Other
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