Spatial Modeler 3D PDF Generation

ERDAS IMAGINE Spatial Modeler Geospatial 3D PDF publishing work-flow

Create High Quality Geospatial 3D PDF Documents from Hexagon Geospatial ERDAS IMAGINE’s Spatial Modeler, where –

  • Professionals without GIS skills can access 3D reports
  • 3D PDFs can be viewed offline, archived & distributed
  • Location, Distance, Grade and Angle Measurement
  • Only needs Adobe Reader, without toolbar extensions

Generate 3D PDF Documents within IMAGINE Workflows, by combining it with PDF3D ReportGen.

The PDF3D ReportGen provides a workflow to generate interactive, stand-alone 3D PDF document files containing a representation of the earth observation photogrammetry imagery, LiDAR, UAV and hyperspectral geospatial data models in spatial data processing sessions. The file conversion methods extend the visual-programming Spatial Modeler environment.

The rich content PDF reporting combined with the power of IMAGINE to create interactive 3D PDF files with high compression which may be opened and viewed using the free Adobe Reader or Acrobat on desktops, where they already contain the required 3D viewing capabilities without further additions. No viewer-side plugins or changes to the Adobe Reader are required. Geospatial location and measurement options are embedded directly into the generated PDF document files.

The Geospatial 3D PDF documents provide highly advanced images with 3D terrains in an industry standard PDF format directly in the hands of environmental engineers, earth resource specialists, emergency responders and geo-intelligence analysts enabling more productive decision making.

Geospatial Image Workflow Features

Coupling PDF3D with the Spatial Modeler enables transformations on raster and vector geospatial imagery into interactive, easily viewable and shareable 3D PDF documents.

  • Use IMG Elevation DTM/DSM terrain raster data and full multichannel color raster data
  • Apply false-color contours on the 3D surface using Color Table library
  • Drape full-color raster layers onto 3D terrains with surface lighting
  • Add title over the top of the view
  • Embed 3D Views in Existing PDF Reports
  • User switchable location probe modes
    • Geodetic Latitude & Longitude WGS84
    • Projected UTM & MGRS coordinates
  • 3D PDF file uses ISO-32000 PDF with ISO 14739 PRC geometric encoding
  • Z-Scale control on the PDF page lets users artificially exaggerate flat elevations
  • 3D Axis Scale Bar Shows Spatial Extent
  • Geospatial viewpoints – Plan overview, N-S-E-W Elevations
  • Fixed and Floating Network License Configurations

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