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PDF3D libraries, applications, systems, utilities and products are protected by:

  • U.K. Patent Numbers. GB2477368, GB2484561, GB2521452
  • U.S. Patent Numbers US8736603, US9424662, US9691006, US10019649
  • Australia Patent Numbers  AU2011315250, AU2015264921
  • European Patent Number EP2628145, EP2592596, EP3091512, EP2887262
  • Canadian Patent Number CA2814226
  • Hong Kong Patent Number HK1182208

Visual Technology Services Ltd. products are protected by patents in the U.S., U.K. and elsewhere. This web page is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act (AIA). Additional patent applications are pending in these and other territories. Visual Technology Services Ltd. is a LOT Network member.


PDF3D® is registered as UK trade mark 2426431 by Visual Technology Services Limited.

Patent Portfolio

The intellectual property associated with PDF3D is developed and applied to commercial software by Visual Technology Services including novel inventions, with some inventions registered as formal, published patents. To get an idea of what these are about, the actual published documents can be found via a number of patent search systems. There are more, these are only the granted patents at the time of updating this web page.

In general terms, these inventions provide methods to create smaller and more efficient 3D PDF files, and prepare data in some special ways to make the process more efficient. These cover topics of computational geometry, 3D data structures, data compression, point clouds, texture mapping and triangle mesh geometry.

GB patent 2477368, “Triangle mesh compression”, issued 2011-12-14

GB patent 2484561, “Triangle mesh compression”, issued 2012-09-25

GB patent 2521452, “Point cloud simplification”, issued 2015-11-10

US patent 8736603, “Compression of texture rendered wire mesh models”, issued 2014-05-27

US patent 9424662, “Triangle mesh compression”, issued 2016-08-23

AU patent 2011315250, “Triangle mesh compression”, issued 2016-04-14

US patent US9691006, “Point Cloud Simplification (Edge Enhancement)”, issued 2017-06-17

European patent EP2628145, “Triangle mesh compression”, issued 2017-11-01

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