VOXLER 3D PDF Comparison

VOXLER Users Can Now Take Advantage of 3D PDF

Golden Software’s Voxler® has become one of the leading software packages in the 3D visualization space for GIS professionals, environmental scientists, researchers and engineers.  The latest V4 version now contains over 250 new features that allow users to enhance 3D well modeling, 3D geological data visualization, 3D surface mapping, and 3D point cloud visualization and interpolation.

Voxler-Demo-Inversion-ScreenshotVoxler visualizes almost any type of 3D data, including 3D CAD and GIS models, and now includes the most recent addition of LiDAR LAS file support.  With a strong reputation for ease of use and quality, it’s no surprise that Voxler is now used by thousands worldwide.

Voxler’s values align closely with our own and, as one of the leaders in the 3D PDF geospatial, PDF3D are proud to be able to support Voxler users with 3D PDF conversion.  Using PDF3D Reportgen, Voxler users can quickly export their 3D models and convert their files to 3D PDF at the click of a button for easier communications and storage of information.

Voxler-Oahu-HeightField-ScreenshotThe beauty of the PDF format is its accessibility.  When GIS professionals need to share data, software restrictions can hold communication back often because other stakeholders can’t view, comment on or properly explore 3D data without specific software.  By converting complex data into 3D PDF using PDF3D’s applications, anyone can view models from multiple angles, views and magnifications.  They can rotate, zoom and even play back animated demonstrations without purchasing or learning about new, unfamiliar software.

The other significant advantage to 3D PDF conversion is the compression of file size it offers.  With ReportGen, it’s possible to compress the 3D file to a size that emails and stores easily without sacrificing image or data quality in the process.

Voxler-Vortex-VectorPlot-ScreenshotTake a look at this interactive example that shows just how easy and effective 3D PDF conversion can be.  Here, ReportGen has been employed to work with Voxler version 3 or 4 to convert a 3D visualization of iridium geobody borehole data.  The network performs the data processing steps of gridding, contouring and cell thresholding. An .iv file of the visualization is then automatically passed to PDF3D ReportGen for the 3D PDF conversion.

If you are a Voxler user, you can watch a video demo showing a live 3D PDF conversion using PDF3D software on Vimeo or YouTube.

This video demonstrates the process of generating a 3D PDF capturing the
3D visualization of model data in VOXLER, a software product and registered trademark of Golden Software Inc.

Voxler-Rebar-in-Concrete-FaceRender-ScreenshotIn the video demo, Voxler version 4 is used to load a volumetric model interpreted with three isosurface levels set to distinct surface colors. After exporting the scene into an intermediary file, the PDF3D ReportGen then generates the final 3D PDF. The result is shown side-by-side with the original Voxler 3D view window.

Contact us for a walk-through of ReportGen.

Update: see “An Affordable 3D PDF Solution for Voxler Users” by Drew Dudley of Golden Software.

VOXLER is a software product and registered trademark of Golden Software, LLC, used here with purchased end-user license.

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